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                    • Employees:400

                      Turn-over:USD63.5 million

                      Exports: Export our machines to 52 countries on 5 continents

                    • 2019:The office in Algeria was found

                      2018:The office in Cario Egypt was built

                      2017: The warehouse and branch in Canada starte

                      2016:Machine center agent of SMTCL

                      2012:Established Egypt office and Toronto branch

                      2010:Established power press factory

                      2008:Cooperating with Semyx USA,CNC Waterjet OEM

                      2003:Established Press Brake ,Shearing machine,Rolling machine factory

                    • Work Shop (1th Factory)
                    • Work Shop (2th Factory)
                    • Work Shop(3th Factory)
                    • Work Shop
                    • canada company
                    • Power press workshop
                    Product Catalog