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                    HTT Quote_KT50-1000
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                    Deep Hole Drilling Machine KT60-1500 Consists of:



                    Machine Bed

                    1 set

                    Cast iron machine bed with heavy rib, treated with annealing for relieves of internal stress. Integrated with ball screw and Line roller guide way for both high stability and precision guiding.


                    Work piece headstock

                    1 pcs

                    Work piece headstock is mounted on the end of machine bed. The spindle driven by A.C. variable frequency motor and 2 kinds of spindle speed. With forced lubrication unit for spindle bearing.
                    Motor power: 15Kw, dual speed
                    Spindle:  1000rpm


                    Manual 3-jaw Clamping Chuck and flange

                    1 set

                    Mounted to the spindle nose of Work piece headstock.
                    Clamping range: 30-150mm


                    Work piece support with V block

                    1 set

                    Adjustable supporting height and possitions.
                    Suitable for 30-150mm


                    Oil Pressure Head and Guide carriage

                    2 sets

                    Mounteded in middle of machine, back and forward to contact work piece by hydraulic cylinder.
                    For rotary work piece, inside with pre-loaded spring bush holder for the bush to contact the work piece.
                    Suitable for drill tube OD 11- 43mm.


                    Vibration Damper Carriage

                    1 set

                    For reception of damper bush, cast iron housing, mounted Z-axis guide ways.
                    During drilling, the vibration damper carriage will be at best position, and will be dragged back to the original position in reverse movement automatically.


                    Boring carriage

                    1 set

                    In rigid cast iron design, mounted on the guide ways of machine bed. Driven by A.C. servo motor via ball screw.


                    Boring Headstock

                    1 set

                    Mounted on the drill carriage.
                    The spindle is driven by dual-speed servo spindle motor made by MK via belt, with packed long life grease for spindle bearing.
                    Motor power: 22Kw, dual speed
                    Spindle:  1000rpm


                    Chips outlet

                    1 set

                    Fixed to the rear of drill block and introducing chips to chip conveyor. Chip conveyor transports chips to machine outside.


                    Coolant system

                    1 set


                    Coolant tank

                    Welded coolant tank of steel plate, including one dirty oil tank and one clean oil tank, Cartridge Filter; stability and easy maintenance; With magnetic plates before inlet of pump, Alarm for coolant level, over pressure/lower pressure and interlock.
                    Total capacity of tank: 2000 L.


                    High pressure pump station

                    1 set

                    Equipped with radial piston pump by Moog, aslo with complete pump drive, pump seat, and regular valves.
                    Delivery rate:120 L/min
                    Pressure:  Max. 60Bar
                    Drive power:18.5 Kw


                    Hydraulic system


                    For workpiece clamping.
                    Including all hydraulic elements with pressure sensor for hydraulic circuit.


                    Electrical equipments and CNC control


                    Electrical equipments

                    1 set

                    Independent fully enclosed switch cabinet with air conditioner, wear resistant, flexible cable in wet area.
                    Main electrical elements made by SIEMENS, Schneider,etc.
                    Safety of enclosure: IP54


                    Siemens 828D control system

                    1 set

                    Siemens 828D control system, with standard LCD display:
                    · Operator panel is mounted outside of machine guarding, moveable to right or left, easy operation.
                    · Display in English, no less than 30 alarm messages or disposal of error, I/O location can be vision.
                    · Spindle speed
                    · Spindle capacity (power input )
                    · Drilling depth
                    · Feed rate
                    · Workpiece counter
                    · Coolant pressure
                    · Etc
                    1 set Hand wheel is included




                    the machine bed with dark gray, the upper with blue and white gray.
                    (see front picture)


                    Anchor Bolts , Leveling Pads

                    1 set



                    2 sets

                    In English/Chinese versions. Including:
                    - Machine layout
                    - Foundation plan
                    - Pneumatics diagram/Hydraulics diagram
                    - Lubrication diagram
                    - Circuit diagram
                    - Transport plan
                    - Operation and maintenance manual


                    Oil chiller compress type

                    1 set

                    To maintain stable coolant temperature within the setting range in long shift operation.
                    When the oil temperature reaches the upper limit, the oil cooler start working; the temperature is in the lower limit , the oil cooler stop running.
                    Cooling Capacity: 15 Kw


                    Hinge-band Chips  conveyor

                    1 set

                    Automatically transports the chips to chips trolley outside machine.


                    Drum type paper Filter device

                    1 set

                    Deliver dirty oil to filtration device. Hydraulic elements with pressure sensor for hydraulic circuit. For the filtration of coolant with integrated level switches and automatic paper feeding when filtration paper are saturated
                    Filtration accuracy: 30μm
                    Filtration Capacity: ≥300L/min.


                    Seaworthy Package, FOB Shanghai Seaport


                    Incl. Seaworthy packing and transportations to Shanghai seaport


                    Machine Commissioning and Installation



                    Commissioning and Pre-Acceptance At HTT’s Factory
                    It consists of the machine inspection, checking the functionality of the main components, including the verification of:
                    - geometry accuracy on the headstock
                    - alignment of the boring line components (boring carriage / steady rest / BOZA carriage ).
                    - alignment of the headstock on the work piece bed
                    - accuracy positioning test for boring carriage


                    Training Of Customer’s Personnel At HTT’s Factory
                    The customer’s personnel will be trained at HTT’s factory during pre-acceptance test for a period of two weeks. Travel and hotel expense are buyer’s responsibility, local transportation charges are HTT’s responsibility.


                    Machine Pre-Acceptance At HTT’s Factory
                    It will consist of the machine inspection, checking the functionality of the main components, include the verification of:
                    - geometry accuracy on the headstock
                    - alignment of the boring line components
                    -alignment of the headstock on the work piece bed
                    -positioning accuracy for boring carriage
                    - test drilling of the test work piece


                    Machine Acceptance At Customer’s Factory
                    - Seller will send engineers to buyer’s site for erection, start-up, testing, and commissioning of the machine.
                    - Repeat HTT factory pre-acceptance test
                    -The customer’s personnel can be trained during machine set-up and pre-acceptance.

                    Machine Type


                    Working method

                    Counter rotation between work piece and boring tool

                    Drilling method

                    BTA solid drilling

                    Drilling Capacity

                    Solid Drilling

                    ? 18 – 50 mm

                    Drilling depth

                    Max. 1000mm

                    Clamping  Length

                    Max. 1000mm

                    Machine Specification

                    Width of bed guide way

                    500 mm

                    Centre height from guideway

                    250 mm

                    Work Piece Headstock

                    Motor power

                    15 kw, dual-speed spindle motor made by MK

                    Spindle speed

                    Max. 1000 rpm, infinitely variable

                    Boring Headstock

                    Motor power

                    22 kw, dual-speed spindle motor made by MK

                    Spindle speed

                    Max. 2000, infinitely variable

                    Boring Carriage

                    Z axis servo motor drive

                    4.3 Kw, 20.5Nm

                    Rapid movement speed

                    2000 mm/min.

                    Feed  Rate

                    5-500 mm/min.

                    Oil Pressure Head

                    Contacting Stroke


                    Thrust force


                    Work piece Support

                    30 – 150 mm

                    High Pressure Pump

                    Delivery rate:

                    120 L/min.


                    Max. 60Bar

                    Drive power


                    Filtration Accuracy


                    Drilling Accuracy


                    Ra 0.8-3.2

                    Hole Deviation at exit




                    Power Supply

                    Power Voltage

                    380 Volts, 3 Phrase, 50 Herts

                    Control Voltage

                    24 Volts ,DC

                    Connected power


                    Total weight of machine

                    Machine Size

                    Floor Space

                    Appr. L12,000 mm × W 2,800 mm × H2,200 mm

                    Total Weight

                    Appr. 12,000 Kg

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